visions उदाहरण

  • इसके उदाहरण vision
    1. It took some time for him to get used to the tunnel vision he experienced while looking through a periscope.
    2. After Mark fell victim to tunnel vision, nothing you could say to him would change his mind.
    3. He tried drinking from the pool of water, but realized it was only a vision. ‎
    4. He worked tirelessly toward his vision of world peace. ‎
    5. He had a vision of the Virgin Mary. ‎
    6. allusion, confusion, vision
    7. The Number of the Beast Is 666 (13:16-18) John's vision concludes with the notorious reference to the "mark of the beast" and the number 666.
  • इसके उदाहरण visions
    1. And if perchance some fleeting memories steal, Like far-off echoes to my dreaming ear, Away, ungrasped, the cheating visions wheel, As spectres start upon the wing of fear.
    2. visions of a workfree society
    3. Back home, visions of boyfriendship danced through my head.
    4. That’s because the noun, by virtue of its use as a hyphenated compound adjective in middle-age spread, creates nail-nibbling self-doubt amid visions of muffin-top midriffs and the realization that paunchiness precludes raunchiness.
    5. Europe at the start of the 1990s was abuzz with organizational concepts and visions, and among these none had as much pride of place as the notion of "confederation."
    6. The visit to the old cemetery brought scary visions of spooks and ghosts.
    7. A feller that sees a lot o' jimjam visions ahead never will buck down to real life here, an' he'll never lay up a dollar or own a foot of land.
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