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    1. The new medical portal has dozens of topical categories containing links to hundreds of sites.
    2. Light valve suspensions and films containing UV absorbers and light valves containing the same (US Patent 5,467,217)
    3. Silicated soap is a hard soap containing silicate of soda.
    4. The state here includes a set containing all names seen so far. ‎
    5. On special occasions at Lythe the old stiddy (anvil) is dragged outside and primed with wooden plugs containing gunpowder. When all spectators are well out of any possible danger, the plugs are fired with a prod from an iron pole.
    6. Asia is a large continent containing many large nations (e.g. China, India and Russia).
    7. The urn containing his ashes was eventually removed to a closet.
    8. The skin bags from containing morbid matter. ‎
    9. 1904: The three glasses were grouped together, all of them tinged with wine, and one of them containing some dregs of beeswing. — Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Adventure of the Abbey Grange’ (Norton 2005, p.1170)
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